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What "warning Spyware Detected On Your Computer" Means

What "warning Spyware Detected On Your Computer" Means

If you get the message, "warning spyware detected on your computer," do not immediately click the link on the pop-up that will lead you to a spyware removal program site. Chances are, this is a disguised anti-spyware program that will actually just infect your PC with more spyware, malware, or adware programs.

On the other hand, if you get the message, "install antivirus or spyware remover", you may conclude that there is a legitimate need for an anti-spyware.

There are many possible reasons why your PC could be infected with spyware, freeware, or malware. Among which is the possibility that you might have gotten these when you downloaded a free or a low-cost program.

Some software developers get paid to spread spyware to make it easier to steal information about a PC owner for the former to be able to recoup whatever they spent for developing the software. Another way of possibly acquiring spyware is by downloading certain music and other files using shared networks and other P2P networks.

Visiting a website with no clear security certificate may also make your PC vulnerable to spyware. These websites can be very difficult to identify, as they contain various "free giveaways" to lure Internet surfers into their site. Websites on song lyrics and various pornographic sites are known to be commonly infested with spyware.

When shown a warning spyware message, make sure to act appropriately. Experts recommend that PC owners who do not have sufficient computer background do not try to fix the problem themselves. Removing a spyware infection is not as easy as others make it out to be.

Some spyware files are so deeply embedded that removing a few of them will not mean they are entirely eliminated. Worse, some important system or registry files might unintentionally be deleted because they were mistaken to be spyware. Doing this will potentially corrupt one's operating system.

By using a high quality spyware removal application that can scan, detect, and remove spyware, you can be sure that you will never see the message "warning spyware detected on your computer" flashing on your monitor.

By: Ada Denis

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